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Image by Ian Keefe

Anna Lee Beagle is our new English teacher. Anna Lee is joining us from Wellington, Nevada. She has a Bachelors degrees in History and Archaeology, as well as a Masters in Global Community Development. Anna Lee is a world traveler – working as a supervisor for the Khirbet Qeiyafa archeology site in Israel, teaching English in Laos, and learning German in Austria. She has also been very involved in mission trips, preaching for the ShareHim Evangelism Campaign in the Philippines, building classrooms with Maranatha in India, chaperoned youth evangelism groups in Costa Rica and planned music for another ShareHim Evangelism Campaign in Tanzania. Most recently, AnnaLee has been student teaching at Collegedale Academy and Ooltehwah High School. She also taught and served as Task Force Dean at Rio Lindo Academy.


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