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Image by Ian Keefe

As the daughter of two alumni and an alumnus of Maplewood Academy myself I have been a part of this school for many years. I have fond memories of my time at Maplewood and appreciate each of the individuals who gave of themselves to offer me a Christian education. After graduating from MWA, I went on to Union College and graduated with a degree in biology. Since that time I have also obtained a nursing degree and have spent the past 20 years practicing nursing. Discovering my passion for teaching happened naturally as a result of mentoring new nurses and pursuing opportunities to teach what I have learned. I enjoyed this so much that I went back to school for a graduate degree in nursing education. I did not originally plan to teach high school, but when the position of science teacher at MWA became available, I jumped at the chance. Based on the tenure of some, it might be another 60 years before this happens again! I love teaching and I'm learning how to do it better every day. My hope is that students see God in all of science and Christ in me.


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