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Image by Ian Keefe

Teigan was born in Minnesota but lived in Wisconsin until she was twelve. After which she moved back to Minnesota and has been living and working here ever since. Teigan is a graduate of Maplewood Academy, one in a line of graduates from her family going back to her grandfather. God led in her return to work as an assistant accountant in the finance department and teaching art class. She previously worked as Mrs. Vigil’s Bible reader while attending MWA, for her father’s roofing business, and, most recently, at a dog boarding facility.

In her spare time she enjoys anything outdoors but particularly loves hiking, biking, skiing, and camping. She’s always up to go explore a new place in nature! Ever since she was young she has had a passion for both animals and creativity. Sharing that love of nature, appreciating God’s creation, and using what God has given her to help others is very important to her. She loves giving out vegetables and flowers from her outdoor garden and propagating house plants to give as gifts. Her ever-growing “menagerie,” as she likes to call it, includes many fish, two cats, a dog, and a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, just to name a few. She plans to expand her insect, amphibian, and reptile collection in the future. She hopes by helping others to see and appreciate the beauty in conventionally odd creations, people can learn even more about God and who He is.



Teigan Bauer
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