Image by Ian Keefe

Evie Swanson was born and raised in the Hutchinson, MN, area, graduating from Maplewood Academy in 1958.  She attended Union College, studying Home Economics, and meeting and marrying the love of her life, Evan Swanson.  The Swansons moved back to Evie’s hometown of Hutchinson, MN, in 1963, and Evie spent much of the next few decades being a full time Mom to the Swansons four children as well as a busy homemaker.  Evie also spent a lot of that time as a volunteer at church, school and the MWA Alumni Association. She began teaching Home Economics aka Life Skills and later Family and Consumer Science in the early ‘90’s, and is still teaching that class part time. In addition to family and school and community activities, Evie enjoys music—especially piano– gardening, reading and bicycling.  The Swanson’s four children are now busily engaged in their families and careers. Bruce is an anesthetist in Colorado Springs, CO. Jill is an emergency room nurse in Waconia, MN; Ann is a nurse practitioner in Lawrence, KS; and Sara is a family law attorney in Grand Rapids, MN. There are 8 grandchildren plus 1 great-grandaughter in the Swanson family.