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Image by Ian Keefe
Mrs. Maritza Perez

Maritza Perez

Head Girls’ Dean & Girls’ Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Maritza Perez along with her daughter Emily, an eighth grader, have recently joined us from North Aurora, IL. Mrs. Perez brings with her a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to education. She has resided in Illinois for over 18 years and has been married to her husband Francisco for the past 21 years. Prior to her arrival at Maplewood Academy, Mrs. Perez served as the Assistant of the Business Manager/Development and Spanish Teacher at Wisconsin Academy.

In addition to her professional background, Mrs. Perez possesses a sense of adventure that is truly inspiring. She is not one to shy away from trying new things, driven by her unwavering trust in God. As she aptly describes it, "It's in my DNA. It's not that I like to take risks; I just like to explore and not know what's next because I trust God."

When inquired about her discovery of our esteemed institution, Mrs. Perez shared a heartfelt story. She had been fervently praying for divine guidance to lead her to a place where she could contribute her unique gifts and talents and find a sense of purpose. During her search, she was captivated by the North American Division (NAD) Education website, where she stumbled upon Maplewood Academy. The description and purpose of our school resonated deeply within her, touching her heart in profound ways. Inspired by our rich school history, Mrs. Perez was compelled to submit her application. We are profoundly grateful that Mrs. Perez and her family have chosen to become valued members of our Maplewood Academy community.


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