Dollar Bill in Jar

Tuition & Fees

Full-time students are as follows:

Dormitory Students = $17,900.00* (includes room and board)

Community Student = $11,400.00*

International Students = $22,200.00**

Students needing financial assistance may apply for financial aid and/or scholarships as outlined in the “Financial Assistance” section below. Ten month and twelve month tuition payment plans are available.

*Tuition rates already include a student registration fee of $900 that is required for dormitory, community, and connected campus students (the registration fee for connected individual students is $600.) This registration fee includes such things as: books, library fees, supplemental accident insurance, yearbook, activity fees, club dues including ASB, boys’ or girls’ club, room key deposits, and technology resources which provides each student a personal laptop computer, access to Internet, printers, and other digital resources.

**International students are also charged an additional $3,000 Incidentals Fee to cover trips to and from the airport, lodging and meals over home leaves, TOEFL testing transportation, etc. 

Special Fees:

(Class dues are not included in the entrance fees but are collected by the class treasurer/sponsors and are due by Oct 1) .

Freshmen = $30

Sophomores = $55

Juniors = $105

Seniors = $130

  • National Honor Society:  $40 is required of students who are inducted into the National Honor Society.

  • Athletic Team Fee: Students participating on an athletic team will be assessed a $50 per semester fee to help alleviate the cost of normal team travel, and the cost for referees, etc. Team uniforms and tournaments will be an additional cost.

  • Music Organizations Fee: Students participating in choir, Choraliers, bell choir, or instrumental ensembles will be assessed a $25 per semester fee per organization. Music uniforms and special tours and private lessons will be an additional cost.

  • Special Trip Fees: Special trips such as Outdoor Education, tournaments, festivals, and missions trips will be additional. 

  • Graduation Fee: A $60 graduation fee is charged to all seniors (Includes cap & gown, tassel, diploma, and other graduation expenses. (Charge for announcements is not included).


Financial Assistance

Students who have a financial need may be able to obtain assistance from Maplewood Academy. 

There are two programs available to students.

General Assistance Program:

Maplewood Academy provides student scholarships based on financial need.

  • Step 1: If you are requesting financial assistance for the current school year, please go to or (Espanol: and complete the Grant and Aid assessment after creating a login. This will require uploading documents and answering questions. Call (866) 315-9262 for assistance.

  • Step 2: Once you have completed step 1, the business office will create an estimated payments agreement and email it to you to print, sign, and return.

  • Step 3: Once the estimated payments agreement has been returned you will receive instructions on setting up your payments with FACTS.

Matching Program:

Maplewood Academy will match the amount given by a local church to aid a specific student up to $2,000 per year for dorm students and $1,000 for community students. Applications for matching funds must be signed by both the pastor and the treasurer of the local church. Students who need financial assistance should make application before July 15, or as far as in advance of registration as possible. Applications for financial aid may be obtained from the Business Office or by downloading from the link below.

Criteria for providing and continuance of financial aid includes:

  1. Financial need (must apply through FACTS Grant and Aid,

  2. Student being willing to pay a portion of their tuition costs by faithfully working at the assigned jobs.

  3. Student maintaining acceptable academic, behavioral, and work performance.

  4. Student account being kept current.

Click here for the Church Matching Financial and Program Application

Have more questions?

Contact Paeter Weikum at (320) 587.2830 ext 1104, or