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Maplewood Academy work study program

Work Study Program

Work is an important part of the educational program at MWA. Students learn about the world of work and also gain experience in employment. All students living in the dormitory are required to hold a part-time job assigned by the school administration.


Non-dormitory students are not required to work, although they are strongly encouraged to work off or on campus. Work assignments are made on the basis of needed workers in the various industries and departments on campus.


Students are expected to perform their work as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Work supervisors will evaluate each student worker and assign a letter grade for each grading period that will appear on their transcript. Students whose work is not acceptable or who are not cooperative in their job assignment face disciplinary intervention up to and including termination of employment.

For employment purposes students MUST provide proper I-9 documentation such as:

  1. State issued ID with photo and Social Security Card

  2. State issued ID with photo and Certificate of Birth.

  3. US Passport or Passport Card

  4. Permanent Resident Card

  5. Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp

  6. Or any combination according to the current I-9 Form

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