Image by Ian Keefe

Zach Pratt was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Montana.  He graduated from Mount Ellis Academy and then went to Southern Adventist University where he got a degree in Health, PE, and Recreation. While in school he had the opportunity to travel a lot and live and experience different cultures in several countries. He took his first job in Alaska at Anchorage Junior Academy where he was the 7–9 homeroom teacher and also taught math for grades 5 & 6 and PE for K–9. After spending two years in Alaska he moved to Georgia and taught at Atlanta Adventist Academy where he spent 10 years teaching Math, Science, and PE before accepting a job here at Maplewood Academy as the Science and PE teacher. Zach now lives on the Maplewood campus with his wife and four children. His hobbies include sports, ocean fishing, and brain puzzles like Rubik’s cubes.