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Caleb Long Memorial Scholarship

The Caleb Long Memorial Scholarship honors one of our graduates whose short life exemplified the ideals of Maplewood Academy. Caleb was raised in Hutchinson, Minnesota, by parents Mike and Lisa (and later joined by younger sister Ella). He went to Northwoods Elementary through 8th grade and attended Maplewood Academy for four years, graduating in 2021. Caleb then extended his education at Union College as part of the Biomedical Program and had been one of a select number of applicants accepted to Union’s Physician Assistant program for 2024. 


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Tragically, in November of 2023, Caleb was killed as the result of a motorcycle accident in Lincoln, Nebraska. His loss is devastating to his family as well as to his friends and mentors in both the Union College and Maplewood Academy communities. 

Caleb was known as a bright, studious, hard-working young man who was also quick to laugh and show kindness to others. While at Maplewood he worked at the Harmony River retirement home in Hutchinson, gently serving the elderly residents with Godly compassion. He was a good friend, an excellent athlete, and the type of person whose presence and quiet influence uplifted those around him. 

“Caleb Long was a dedicated and caring young man,” recalls Maplewood teacher Linda Vigil. “I enjoyed working with him in Bible class because he showed an honest commitment to God. His senior year he shared the following in an assignment and it truly reveals his character: ‘I am sure that I am going to get into trouble or hurt or offend people at some point in life. I want to be able to be like Jesus and show love even to the enemy. I never want to be the person that gets angry and fights back. I want Jesus to shine through me so that I can treat others like He did.’” 


While Caleb’s life on this earth was cut short, we await that great heavenly reunion and pray that it’s soon. In the meantime, we honor Caleb and commit to furthering his legacy by using this scholarship to invest in another generation of Maplewood students. May they be inspired by Caleb’s ambition, determination, and kindness and honor God with their lives as he did. 

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  Our Mission Statement is

Grow, Learn, Connect with Jesus  


Maplewood Academy is a private, co-ed Christian high school located in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

We have a strong academic program designed for students who are preparing for college. Key components of our program include involving students in community outreach, service and mission projects, extensive music instruction and performance, art education and expression, and a wide range of athletic programs.


Maplewood Academy students appreciate the warm and friendly environment, the dedicated and engaging teachers, and our diverse student body.


Maplewood Academy (MWA) holds the highest level of accreditation from the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities (AAA). For more information visit:

Maplewood Academy is also accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), and 
The Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

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Maplewood Academy is a safe environment for students and a place where all students relate to one another in a positive and inclusive manner. Respect for all is a core value that is strongly emphasized and put into practice.

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What makes Maplewood Academy different form other private schools in the area?

We are a Christian school with a grace-oriented philosophy interwoven throughout our curriculum.


We are preparing students to be successful in their future college or university pursuits, successful in life, and the leaders of tomorrow.

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